Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please swing by and leave a comment!

Please please please please PLEASE! I know I have at least one viewer out there, so please just comment and say you're there D:

Haven't posted in a while

So anyways, I haven't posted in a while. But now I'm back :D
I forgot about this, to tell you the truth xD anyways, I have been having a FANTASTIC time lately!!!!! I've recently joined Moonlightz, a clan who makes music videos on wizard101 central, which was created by my awesome friends Danielle, Lauren, and Kelsey. I now have all my grandmaster gear, and Wayfinder. And I FINALLY got the crabling!!!! Now I use two outfits. My wayfinder gear, which I stitched onto the elgant set, and my grand gear which is stitched onto the cardinal's hat and these dragonspyre robes and boots.
I've also been working on other characters. On the left is my character Brooke Moonthorn. Currently level 17, as you can see. She's a theurgist, yes. On the left side on the bottom is Haley Dunecaster, then Kestrel Dawn, and behind her is the one and only Jenna :D then on the other side is Abigail Star and Rylee Firedreamer.
Haley Dunecaster was my second wizard. She used to quest with my brother's life character, until he left her in the dust and is now level 46...
Abigail Star is my necromancer I made a few days ago. One of my bffs, Julia Sandcloud, made one named Miranda Star. They look different, but we call them 'Sisters of Death'. We're going to pvp together, wear the same outfit, and everything.

Anyways, I should probably start studying for a test tomorrow, so bye!

Monday, July 26, 2010

How do I get my blog to be famous?

I've written tons of blogs on here, and I know I have absolutely no fans because I just started this blog but how do I get famous??? I wish I did.....

Hi yall

I'm Jenna. I used to have a blog, *cough* before my gmail account was deactivated *cough*
As I did before, I'm going to be blogging a lot about whats happening with me throughout the spiral. Today I have some news.....*grits teeth* not that all of them are GOOD or anything!
Well, the good thing was that today I got my grand boots from yeva :D after a long time I got I have my hat, boots, and ring.
Then I was feeling LUCKY so I decided to go do Malistaire. I asked one of my best friends to help me, along with another good friend from wizard101 central and her friend. AND OF COURSE MY BEST FRIEND LEFT! and the others were both CLUELESS! So I just gave up after trying to activate the crystals.
So anyways, if you want you can e-mail me questions or comments or anything at, on central I'm Moonthorn (I should really do a story on here), and in-game I'm Jenna, grandmaster diviner.
Talk to ya l8r!